Europa seminar 2019

za 26 januari '19

Europa seminar 2019


Europe Symposium on “Europe as a global player"


Although issues like Brexit and tensions within Europe demand thorough attention, we should not forget that the EU has a crucial role to play within the world at the same time.


The same principles engraved in the European unification project, are meant to be leading principles for Europe as a global player and for each of its citizens. Those principles are: reconciliation, solidarity, subsidiarity and supra-nationality (Schuman Declaration, 1950).


What will be the impact of these principles for Europe as a global player and for each of its citizens?


What do they imply for Europe’s role regarding migration, poverty and climate?


An interdisciplinary forum of speakers will provide food for thought and lively discussions to achieve a clear view on Europe’s mission and vision.



Provisional Speakers:

Ms. Brandusa Predescu, Ambassador Romania (Romanian Presidency EU that half year),

Sochanne Schurink, Ministry of Economics (digital & economic limits),

Prof. Dr. Frans Alting von Geusau (Tilburg University & Leiden University: Core Purpose of integration),

Prof. Dr. de Zwaan (Erasmus University, THUAS),

Yolanda de Vries, environmental migration, a call for action.

Margriet Krijtenburg, PhD, researcher & lecturer at European Studies Programme (THUAS)

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