Cheerful & happy families

vr 30 januari '15

Cheerful & happy families


30 januari 21.00

1 februari 17.00


Cheerful and happy families 

The family's mission corresponds to its nature: it’s called to become ever more a community of life and love. However, despite the best of our intentions, due to a busy life with many different things running in parallel (children, friends, work, hobbies...), it doesn’t always run smoothly.

This weekend, there is time for reflection and immersion.

While the various workshops and talks will facilitate concretization of new ways to put your resolutions into daily practice.


Program Saturday & Sunday morning for mums

Anthropology of the family / woman Workshops:           

- Decoration           

- Organization in daily life (from clothes and toys to routine)           

- Time management in weekends/holidays           

- Menus and Meals Presentation: Home management ‘Balance between family and work’


Program Sunday afternoon for the whole family 

12.30:   Holy Mass with the families

13.30:   Buffet

15.00:   Workshop for parents: ‘Communication between spouses’ by Adelaida and Francisco Jiménez -Villarejo. Kids prepare a concert guided by a professional pianist and flute-player.

16.00:   Family get-together with kids-concert

17.00:   GOODBYE!!


Registration & Information Weekend 2015, January 30 / February 1

Contact person Míriam Olid Tel. 020 5737267 / 06 29148034

Friday January 30, 21:00 hr to Sunday February 1, 17:00 hr

Conferentieoord Zonnewende, Tilburgseweg 54, 5066 BV Moergestel

Cost for this weekend € 130 -

Cost for fathers and children € 10 – PP

Payment preferably by bank IBAN NL86INGB0005157514, Stichting SOKA, Amsterdam entitled ‘activity 30 jan – 1 febr.’

Spiritual activities in Zonnewende are entrusted to Opus Dei, a personal prelature of the Catholic Church ( /